List of Subject Panel Heads

Biology [HOD] Ms. P.L. MOK
Business, Accounting and Financial Studies [HOD] Mr. L. LI
Chemistry [HOD] Ms. W. W. KWOK
Chinese History [HOD] Mr. M.Y. CHAN
Chinese Language [HOD] Ms. M.W. CHEUNG
Chinese Language [deputy i/c] Mr. M. C. CHAN
Computer Literacy & ICT [HOD] Mr. T.C. WONG
D&T+STEM+AI+Coding [HOD] Mr. K.M. LIU
Economics [HOD] Ms. S.W. LO
English Language [HOD] Ms. T.Y. LEUNG
English Language [deputy i/c] Ms. W. C. LEE
Geography [HOD] Mr. C. WING
History [HOD] Mr. K.H. CHAN
Home Economics [HOD] Ms. M.L. NG
Science [HOD] Mr. K.M. LIU
Liberal Studies [HOD] Mr. M.K. YUNG
Life and Society [HOD] Mr. M.K. YUNG
Citizenship and Social Development [HOD] Mr. M.K. YUNG
Mathematics [HOD] Ms. Y.Y. CHOW
Mathematics [deputy i/c] Mr. H.L. LEE
Music [HOD] Mr. L. M. LEE
Physical Education [HOD] Mr. W.K. LEE
Physics [HOD] Ms. Y.Y. HWONG
Putonghua [HOD] Ms. S.W. YUNG
Tourism and Hospitality Studies [HOD] Ms. S.F. LEE
Visual Arts [HOD] Ms. C.Y. WONG
Other Learning Experience [HOD] Ms. C.Y. WONG